2022 Top 100 Photos
December 31, 2022
A look back at my top 100 photos of the year! The photos are in no particular order, just how they uploaded to the website.
Museum of Science and Industry
September 06, 2022
Photos from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois. This includes photos of the special exhibit, "The Art of the Brick".
Navy Pier
September 06, 2022
Photos taken on the Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois.
Lincoln Park Conservatory
September 04, 2022
Photos from the Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago, Illinois.
Lincoln Park Zoo
September 04, 2022
Photos from select areas of the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois.
Schwirian Farm Sunflower Festival
July 16, 2022
Photos of the Sunflower Festival at Schwirian Farm in Pennsylvania.
Phipps Holiday Lights 2021
December 01, 2021
Photos from Phipps Holiday Lights 2021. Taken both December 1, 2021 and December 29, 2021.
2021 Top 100 photos
December 31, 2021
Some of my favorite photos of 2021!
Mary The Night
October 02, 2021
Mary the Night art installation at the Mary Schenley Memorial Fountain in honor of the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy's 25th Anniversary. Designed and produced by Luxe Creative.
Penn State Arboretum
September 29, 2019
These photos are from last fall at the Penn State Arboretum.
Birds in Oakland
January 17, 2019
Photos of birds finding food during a warm day in January at the University of Pittsburgh.
Raccoon Creek State Park
June 15, 2018
Photos from a nature hike at Raccoon Creek State Park.
Indianapolis, Indiana
September 01, 2018
Some photos from our last trip to Indianapolis, Indiana.
Buttermilk Falls
June 17, 2018
These photos are from Buttermilk Falls in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.
Canonsburg Lake
May 26, 2018
West End Overlook
September 16, 2017
These photos are from the West End Overlook in Pittsburgh, PA.
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